3685 Voltaire Street - San Diego, CA 92106 - Telephone: 619-223-5229

Botany for Kids Garden Tour at 10am Saturdays - Meet at the Lily Pond Garden.
Balboa Park Adopt-A-Plot Program

(sponsored by Friends of Balboa Park)

We Need Volunteers, Please Join Us!
Saturdays, 9am ~ Meet by the Lily Pond in Balboa Park

Nelebel, Serena, Sage, Danielle and Catalina at the garden.

Volunteer opportunity to collaborate with other gardeners!

Create an incredible visual wonder with designed seasonal changes at the heart of Balboa Park.
The project will enhance the area while including community.
People of all ages can work toward a common goal while learning about botany and gaining gardening skills.
Gardening is an art form that can be easily accessible to all.

Botany for Kids will meet to work and learn at the garden on Saturday mornings.

John Noble and Coastal Sage Gardening will lead work with garden professionals.
Local organizations, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and student community services are all welcome.

Donations and Sponsorships Needed

Please call (619) 223-5229 for more details.
?br>Coastal Sage Gardening
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Click here for: Friends of Balboa Park Adopt-A-Plot Program Information.


Life on the planet is good. Evolution is happening.
We flow in it's river, forever directing change and changing direction.
You play an integral part in the Earth'e renaissance.
Keep in touch with your evolutionary roots.
Come to know the plants and nature's harmonious dance.

J. Noble

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